The Bags

The original pencil drawing of the Brown Thomas Bag took nearly a year to complete. The drawing is over 4ft tall and 3.5ft wide and took from 150 to 195 hours to draw.  

The Bags

This collection of 15 original mixed media pieces have been a few years in the making. Each unique bag is a creation of watercolour, acrylic, colour pencil, posca pen, graphite pencil and digital print. Each Original reflects individuality that resonates with a personality. Each bag attracts its owner whether it’s extrovert, vintage, romantic, bold and creative.

As the only girl in a family of six. Every Christmas my mother and I would have a special Christmas shopping day out, just the two of us. I would get a whole day off school which was even more exciting. We would spend the whole day shopping for Christmas presents and a lovely lunch together. We would shop in Brown Thomas and the atmosphere was one of luxury and beauty. The original shop in those days was on the opposite side of Grafton Street. When I got married years later it turned out that my father-in-law was the managing director of the shop during those years. The bags are an icon of Ireland's history.  My husband would say that I am just as happy with the bag, it doesn't even matter what was in it.