POLO The mint with the Hole

by Artist Orla Walsh


Original Painting

46 x 46 inches Acrylic on Box canvas

So why is there a hole in Polo mints?
There are a couple of theories that I have found and of course I had to share with you! 

1. The Hole was designed to save your life!. Should the sweet become lodged in your throat, the hole will allow air to pass through it, enabling you to breathe! 

2. Polo were based on the American candy ‘Life Savers’ whose iconic ‘O’ shape was inspired by the design of ring-shaped life preservers/floats

3. 'Polo Digestive Mints' were believed to help assist in the digestion process, and so sucking on one of Rowntree's mints would be a perfect way to end a meal.

My favourite facts to share with you are the positive attributes to eating Polo mints included weight loss, nourishment, nausea relief, muscle growth, healthy energy and vigor and a cure for bad breath and patchy complexions….. so says the internet so it must be true! For me personally I adore the silver wrapper and how it clings to your finger when you twist it. Leaving it looking like a bouquet of flowers. Painting the wrapper took 6 weeks and I loved every single crinkle

The Original Painting will have a powerful emotion that just might aid digestion.