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Artist Orla Walsh

'Orla Walsh’s graphic paintings were first discovered on the railings of St. Stephens Green in Dublin, where she was selling her adventurous creations. Her use of bright and bold colours, stand-out text, and iconic products have allowed her to catch the attention of some very influential people over the years and grow her popularity. Since her chance encounter with a Heinz lawyer (which catapulted her career), her work has depicted some of the world’s favourite brands such as Heinz, Tayto and Converse, earning her the title of one of the leading artists in pop culture.'



  • Exhibition GuggenHeinz Paris Celebrating 150 Years of Heinz Ketchup
  • Resident Artist The DesignLoft Powerscourt Estate 2019 Pencil: 50 Shades of Grey
  • Collaboration with LA photographer Karen Bystedt 
  • ‘The Lost Warhols' exhibition Brown Thomas Marvel Room Dublin
  • Guest on The Six O Clock Show TV3 talking about Pop Art
  • Created the Artwork for the Tayto boardroom Largo Foods
  • Guest Speaker at Mum Talks 2018
  • Guest on The Phil Cawley Show
  • Artwork for the Heinz Beanz 50th Anniversary pop-up store Dublin & Cork
  • Once a year in May Resident Artist for Kellys Hotel Rosslare
  • HOUSE Exhibition RDS 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Interview on The Sunday Business Show
  • Incognito Exhibition Jack & Jill Foundation
  • New Artwork for Heinz Headquarters The Shard London
  • Group Show ‘Diamonds, Dogs and Crisps’, Opened by Heather Humphries Minister of Arts
  • Walkers Crisps pop-up store in London. Created the paintings.
  • Solo Show The Fringe Cork Jazz Festival, Cork Airport 2016
  • ‘Hare Parade, Pig Parade & Eggs' Jack & Jill Foundation ‘Harlequin Hare' 'Pop Pig', 'Bean there, Doughnut'
  • Solo Exhibition ‘In the Bag’ Leinster Gallery 27 Opened By Niall Breslin (Bressie)
  • The Kildare Gallery Exhibition 2015
  • The first Irish Artist to paint an Irish 'Ellie' for Elephant Conservation
  • 2015 Design a pair of Chuck Taylors for CONVERSE #madebyyou campaign
  • Designed Wall paper and Ceramic cup for HEINZ Poland
  • 2015 In colaboration with Heinz UK the Artist merchandise is available in ASDA, Sainsburys, BHS, Argos
  • 2014 Guinness Jazz Festival exhibition Cork Airport
  • 2014 New paperware range for Sainsburys UK
  • 2013 Winner of Gift of the year at the licencee awards UK
  • 2013 Bloom Festival To support the fundraising efforts for the Childrens hospital, Dublin artist Orla Walsh has created an exclusive new cupcake design that features on aprons and tea towels at the Cupcake Camp. 
  • The Late Late Show Orla Walsh Print is 'one for everyone in the audience gift!.
  • Designed Bottle covers for Heinz Chilli Ketchup Bottle
  • 2012 'I love Ketchup' Merchandise range with BHS UK
  • 2012 I love Ketchup' Merchandise voted into the top 10 gifts John Lewis UK
  • 2012/13/14/15/16/ Art Source November RDS
  • 2012 RHA Secret Art event Chernobyl Children International
  • 2012 'Sugar' Garterlane Gallery July 23 - Sept 17th
  • 2011 RTE 1 Nationwide Interview
  • 2010 HEINZ Commission for President of UK & Ireland 
  • 2010 Commission to re-design Cadburys Chocolate Bar for The Apprentice RTE
  • Advertising campaign in Czech Republic for the VSUP Heinz Art Competition
  • The Art Box Kinsale Exhibition
  • 2011 Kennys Lahinch Solo Show opening speaker Mayor of Clare
  • RDS Art Fair
  • 2010 The Bad Art Gallery Christmas Show
  • 2010 Karen Taylor Gallery London Group Show Spring
  • 2009 RHA Unselected show The bad Art Gallery
  • May 2009 VSUP Cz Heinz Art July
  • 2009 The Counter June - August
  • 2009 RDS Art Show November
  • 2009 The Bad Art Christmas Show December
  • WHQ Heinz Pittsburg buy Six large Ketchup Paintings for their boardroom
  • 2009 Irish Independent Heinz means deals for ketchup artist. 
Artist Orla Walsh



A couple of quotes from the Newspapers and magazines.....

Irish Independent Heinz means deals for ketchup artist Andy Warhol did it with Campbells soup tins and now Irish Artist Orla Walsh has turned the humble Heinz ketchup bottle into an iconic form of pop art

Irish Examiner Tea Bags Add to successful pop art brew. Queen of the Irish Pop Scene Orla Walsh tells Eve Kelliher how an accident changed her familys life

The Irish Times Magazine Orla Walsh’s depictions of iconic brands such as Tayto, Heinz and Guinness are gaining an international following

The Irish Times Magazine Home is where the art is.. In the frame Artist Orla Walsh

Sunday Times Yankee Doodles for Irish pop artist Walshes first Heinz painting nearly led to legal strife

Sunday Independent An Artists own Brand Orla Walsh has created some highly distinctive works of art

IMAGE Magazine POP-tastic Orla Walsh Who needs Campbells soup anyway?

IN Magazine Orlas rise to success is as charming as her artwork

Womans Own Heinz has teamed up with pop artist Orla Walsh to design limited edition bottle jackets for their new Tomato Ketchup with Chilli

Irish Daily Star Bressie shows sweet side getting behind Blooms cupcake camp with pop artist Orla Walsh




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