You'll be Grand

by Artist Orla Walsh


 7up c.1970 10 x 12inch Canvas Board.

Every Irish Mammy in the 1970’s used flat 7up to cure all common viruses and fatal diseases.
A little Sunday Evening Trivia.. Where did 7up get his name?
A myth exists that the 7 Up name comes from the drink having a pH over 7. But more interestingly 7Up originally contained the drug Lithium. ‘7’ references to the atomic mass in the Lithium drug that was included in the 7Up until the late 1940s. Seriously!
Flat 7up when combined with a padre pio badge 57% of patients reported instantaneous recovery with 6% of those reporting tighter abs and buttocks.
Yep, and keeping in mind only 1.5% of patients develop Stigmata, I'd say its a 7up is a miricle.
Also the Irish Government has officially recognised flat 7UP as an effective means of medication in Ireland.