Tunnock Teacake

by Artist Orla Walsh


50 Limited Edition Prints

20 Editions 17 x 17 inches Unframed 
Its the shimmering foil wrapper that hooked me first, then the soft biscuit base topped with gooey marshmallow and a chocolate covered dome that cracks when you bite it!. Delicious with a hot cup of Barry tea. I ate 11 out of the 12 in the pack. So ashamed of myself.
For those who have never had one delicately remove the foil wrapper, and place the teacake face up. Then carefully apply pressure, ironing out the creases in the foil with fingertips. So therapeutic. Then eat.
Warning… do not eat on a plane!. The marshmallow expands with the pressure and explodes. True story. This was found out by V Bomber nuclear deterrent flight crews in the 1960s when the unwrapped their favourite treat at a high altitude. It would be very messy on a Ryan Air flight