Ritz Crackers

by Artist Orla Walsh


100 Limited Edition Prints

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60 x 60cms Acrylic Painting of 'Ritz Crackers'
Now for a some fascinating Ritz facts for you!

The Ritz crackers were developed during the Great Depression in 1934, it was called 'Ritz' because it was a taste of the good life. Pure affordable luxury. 💎👑

The design of the iconic box was inspired by the round label inside a trilby hat 🎩

There are 7 holes in each cracker so they stay flat when baked.

You can roll the serrated edge of the Ritz cracker across a piece of cheese to cut it in half..true story 🤥😂

Now this is brilliant and myself and my girls are going to bake this and give it a try...
Ritz Mock apple pie......no apples!!! It was developed in the 1960s, it was made popular during the Depression in America when apples were hard to come by. No joke it was delicious.

Finally, what do you call a Soviet ruler dancing on a cracker? Putin on the Ritz 😭😂your welcome for that nugget