Last Rolo

by Artist Orla Walsh

Limited Last Rolo Edition of 100 ever
80’s Flashback 🕺and some facinating Rolo facts for you.
The name of Rolo comes from how the packages design is shaped like a roll. Simple really.
Or if your feeling very technical this evening, a Rolo is a conical frustum-shaped chocolate with a caramel centre. There you go.
Giving someone your last Rolo has come to signify romantic commitment ❤️❤️Richard Brooks gave his sweetheart Lynne his last chocolate back in 1984. She's kept it for 33 years in a special wooden box and has vowed to never eat it. I looked this up and the Rolo does look a bit manky now...
I thought this was a sweet idea.. and would make life very easy on Valentines Day. Keep in mind this was in the 1980’s..
‘I kept my boyfriends last Rolo and the following year, I gave it back to him as his gift. Then each year on Valentine’s Day or our anniversary, whoever had it would it give it to the other one with their present. It sounds a bit funny, but it was just something that we always did’
And finally if you get a change take a look at the Rolo adverts. They are classic. The hand drawn animation, the one in the Cinema, the one on the train going into the tunnel. Also the one with the baby Elephant still makes me emosh.. ‘elephants never forget’ 🐘
Last Rolo will be released on my Website on Monday at 12noon.
Original and 100 Limited Edition Prints.