Just a tea bag

by Artist Orla Walsh


Why 'Just a tea bag'.....

1. Tea and sympathy: broke up with the boyfriend/girlfriend,need a sympathetic ear? Tell your mam all about it over a cuppa.

2. Starter upper: first thing in the morning, a nice blast of caffeine and so much more refined than coffee.

3. Put the kettle on, here come the nosy neighbours: the usual ritual when the neighbours drop in. Always ask how they like it even if you know.

4. Best china tea: when the posh visitors come, the humble mug is hidden and the best china – same tea – comes out. Remember the dainty little finger extended too.

6. It's a well-known Irish hangover cure: tea and hearty Irish breakfast. Kill or cure ya.

7. Let’s have a cup of tea and sort this out!: usually at the end of an argument but the tea is the glue to bring it all back together again.

8. Tea as an aphrodisiac: some Irish folks swear it beats Viagra!

9. Relax! At the end of a hard day just switch on the telly and boil the kettle for a well-deserved cuppa.