One Punt (Old Irish Pound)

by Artist Orla Walsh


100 Limited Edition Prints

Available in three variations
45 x 45inches Unframed 
17 x 17  inches Unframed  (20 Quid)
11 x 9 inches Framed
10 x 8inches Unframed Mounted
I have finally got around to finishing this pencil drawing of the old Irish punt. If you have one of these notes lying around your parents house they are now worth anything from 100 to 300 pounds 💸🤑. I loved the back of the punt with the Celtic writing and the dragon head.
I miss the feeling of being absolutely loaded when you were given one whole pound note for your holy communion! I put all £14 in my blue beaded zip purse and marched down to the post office with my post book which was written up and stamped.