One Moo

by Artist Orla Walsh


100 Limited Edition Prints One Milky Moo Sweet

Ritchies Milky Mints, affectionately known as 'Milky Moos'
Its Thursday Evening Flashback to the 1970’s I hope you enjoy these facinating facts:
I would always look for the ‘Moo sticker’ in the bag when my nana came over to babysit on a Saturday night in the 1970's. There is still a sticker in the bag today.
Bobby Ritchie came up with the name Milky Moo Mints and the slogan, which so many kids grew up with in Ireland, about it being the extra milk in the sweets which made them go 'moo'.
Until I started painting the packaging I never knew that 'Ritchies" was spelt with a T. I thought it was spelt 'Richies'
Ritchie’s Mints have been producing the famous ‘Ritchie’s Milky Mints' in Dublin for over 75 years.
Moo Mints are a chewy white toffee. It takes an hour from when the sugary mix is boiled to when it is ready to be twisted into a butterfly wrapper to go into a package.
And finally and most importantly for me because I am on a diet, there is only 24calories in one moo.