These pencil drawing have been a long time coming and a long time in my mind. I love drawing in its own right and I would settle down and draw once a year. It is all consuming. There was no time for the painting or commissions or prints. So every year I would let myself draw every January for a couple of weeks. I would always challenge myself. I drew up a full sized telephone box. The sketch was 8.5ft tall and 3.5ft wide. It took four week and 22 pencils. To create a drawing at this scale takes a huge amount of time.

This year I made a decision to go ahead with an exhibition of my pencil drawing and I have been working solidly for a year. I based the exhibition on all the things that I love in my life. From childhood playing with my Sindy (Action man was her boyfriend), Shopping in Brown Thomas at Christmas (I have always been obsessed with bags), Playing cards all summer, going to see U2 in concert 1987. There are 6 large sketches, framed are 4ft by 3.5ft. each piece took from 150 to 195 hours to draw. There is a limited edition print of 10 for each piece.

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