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Irish Independent Heinz means deals for ketchup artist.

Andy Warhol did it with Campbells soup tins and now Irish Artist Orla Walsh has turned the humble Heinz ketchup bottle into an iconic form of pop art

The Irish Times Magazine

Orla Walsh’s depictions of iconic brands such as Tayto, Heinz and Guinness are gaining an international following

The Irish Times Magazine

Home is where the art is.. In the frame Artist Orla Walsh

Sunday Times Yankee Doodles for Irish pop artist

Walshes first Heinz painting nearly led to legal strife

Sunday Independent

An Artists own Brand Orla Walsh has created some highly distinctive works of art

IMAGE Magazine

POP-tastic Orla Walsh Who needs Campbells soup anyway?

IN Magazine

Orlas rise to success is as charming as her artwork

Womans Own

Heinz has teamed up with pop artist Orla Walsh to design limited edition bottle jackets for their new Tomato Ketchup with Chilli

Irish Daily Star

Bressie shows sweet side getting behind Blooms cupcake camp with pop artist Orla Walsh

Irish Independent

My cultural life: Artist Orla walsh


Monday 19 March 2018

My cultural life: Artist Orla Walsh

Orla Walsh4
Orla Walsh

Artist Orla Walsh was first spotted selling her ketchup painting on St Stephen’s Green by the corporate lawyer from Heinz Ireland.

At first she was told to remove the paintings from the railings, as she was infringing copyright. However, the lawyer took her details and got in touch later to say Heinz had loved the paintings and bought six for its world headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA where they still proudly hang today.

This wonderful collaboration, between Orla and Heinz UK, has seen a range of items based on Orla’s I love Ketchup painting, consisting of aprons, tea towels and napkins, go on sale in BHS stores throughout the UK. In 2013, Orla’s range went on sale throughout Tesco stores in the UK, while in 2014, her range became available in Sainsbury’s stores. She is married to Kieran and has three girls, Ali (17), Charlie (15) and Tess (10). She will exhibit at house 2017 in the RDS.

Film: Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

 I grew up with John Hughes’s coming-of-age movies, I loved them all, Pretty in Pink (above), The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Uncle Buck to name a few. Myself and my brothers can recite multiple quotes from these movies and I have introduced my daughters to them. They think they are a little out of date, but I am hugely sentimental about them.

Book: The Secret Wife

I recently read The Secret Wife by Gill Paul. I know I loved it, because when I finished, I spent two hours online watching documentaries about the Romanovs on YouTube. I could not get enough of the story. The book is about the Grand Duchess Tatiana of the Romanov family and a present-day English journalist who inherits her great grandfather’s lake shore cabin in America and a great love story unfolds. I found it hard to put down.

Artist: Ben Steele


Advertisement 00:17
Ben Steele


I adore surfing the web looking for artists and this is how I came across this young American artist called Ben Steele. On one canvas he paints a milk carton, then he calls the milk ‘Degas’ and the logo is one of the Degas ballerinas (above). He mixes techniques and processes of the old masters. His work is very witty and sharp.

TV: Big Little Lies

I loved The West Wing and House of Cards but I’ve just started Big Little Lies and I am addicted. It is an American dark, comedy drama about the three women and an incident involving their children in the playground at the start of a new term. Lots of rumours and whispers and you know it’s all going to end in tears.

Design: The Shard

When I was over in London recently, I did some paintings for the launch of Walkers Crisps’ new flavours. I got off the tube at The Shard (below) and was blown away by the sheer size of it and how it reflects the vastness of the sky. It lives up to its name as it looks like a ‘shard of glass’ emerging from the Thames.

The Shard

Mums Talks

“Mum Talks believe strongly that being a mum should not stop you reaching your career goals or enjoying your life passions, both of which are vital for self-care but can sometimes feel forgotten about or may need to be re-evaluated when you have children.

Mum Talks aim is to give you confidence and empower you as you get ready to return to work after maternity leave, or are thinking of starting your own business; or are adapting to life as a stay at home mum.”

I was delighted to be asked to speak at this event. I would have loved to attend something like this when I was younger and at home with my babies. The venue is fantastic, room for all the buggies and mummies. Delicious fresh fruit, coffees and teas. The speakers are all mums themselves and the talk is about their family life and the business they run. It is very inspirational and a great way to learn and network while your newborn/toddler is with you.


This is one of my favourite magazines and my eldest daughter bought it for me last week. I was thrilled to come across one of my pop art ketchup paintings!

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