Heinz/Walsh Merchandise 2011 – 2018

Merchandise pic

It all began with a commission to create a paint based on the hugely successful ad campaign for Heinz called ‘it has to be’. This painting was to be a gift for the President of Heinz UK and Ireland at the time. I watched the ad and designed the painting around all the elements. When the painting was finished 100 limited edition prints were made and sent out as gifts to other Heinz companies worldwide. A few months later I had lunch in London the President of Heinz and the Head of government and corporate affairs. I brought along two mugs, a notebook and a mouse mat with my ketchup and beans paintings as the design. We used the mugs for coffee in the restaurant after dessert. This was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration between Heinz and myself and the ‘Artist merchandise range’ was born.

The commissioned Painting 'It has to be..'

Final 'It has to be' painting

I love Ketchup Merchandise

This first range went on sale in BHS stores in 2012. I travelled over to London and stood on Oxford street looking in the Christmas windows of BHS that were made up of the entire ‘I love Ketchup’ merchandise. Then I queued inside and bought some for all my family.  The range consisted of Aprons, t-towels, Napkins, lap trays, napkin dispensers and a host of other items. It was the number one best selling merchandise in the BHS stores that Christmas out selling coke cola merchandise and then voted one of the top 10 gifts for Christmas for men by John Lewis UK.

'I love Ketchup' Merchandise pictures

The range 'I love Ketchup' painting was awarded the 2013 Gift of the Year at the UK Licensee Awards.

Below is a picture taken in a Tesco Store in the UK of the ketchup paperware range. Then in 2015 A full rage of collectors mugs, aprons, tea towels, laptrays etc. are available in BHS, ASDA, Turner price, Sainsburys, Tesco, Agos, Lidl featuring her Ketchup and HP sauce paintings are available to buy in store or online.

oven gloves

2 thoughts on “Heinz/Walsh Merchandise 2011 – 2018

  1. Rogan says:

    Where can I get a Heinz ketchup tray from? I have the HP one. Thanks

    1. Orla Walsh says:

      So sorry for the very late reply. They dont make them anymore. The merchandise was for a short term contract. You might find one on ebay.

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