Ketchup Originals

This was one of the first articles written about my Ketchup paintings in 2007, I was beside myself with the excitement...

Heinz discovers new variety - Orla Walsh!

Heinz has discovered a new and exciting 58th variety! The new flavour is Dublin artist Orla Walsh, who came to the attention of the Heinz Corporation when an executive viewed her paintings of the iconic Heinz ketchup bottle exhibited on the railings of Merrion Square in Dublin.  Instead of pursuing Orla Walsh over copyright issues, however, the top Heinz people immediately bought her paintings of the brand.

Nigel Dickie, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs for the multinational corporation, says the company just loved what they saw.

"Some of Orla's paintings of the world's favourite ketchup are already proudly displayed at Heinz's world headquarters in Pittsburgh. She is very talented and we are delighted that her work is continuing to gain the recognition it deserves."