Orla was first spotted selling her ketchup paintings on St. Stephens Green in Dublin by the corporate lawyer from Heinz Ireland. At first she was told to remove the paintings from the railings and that she was infringing copyright. The lawyer Richelle,  took her details and got in touch a few days later. Heinz had loved the paintings and bought the first 6 paintings for the their Head quarters in Pittsburgh USA where they still hang proudly today.

She went on to be  involved in an advertising campaign in the Czech Republic for the VSUP Heinz Art Competition featuring work from the Ketchup Collection: which consists of over 100 paintings.

2010 started with a commission for the President of Heinz UK and Ireland. The painting is based on the ‘It has to be’ Campaign. 100 limited edition prints of the painting were distributed to Heinz worldwide.

2012 has seen a wonderful collaboration between Orla and Heinz UK. Her paintings have been merchandised and her first 'Artist Edition' range was on sale in 157 BHS stores throughout the UK. The range based on Orla's 'I love Ketchup' painting consists of Aprons, t-towels, Napkins, lap trays and a host of other items. It was the number one best selling merchandise in the BHS stores last Christmas and voted one of the top 10 gifts for Christmas for men by John Lewis UK.

For the past two years her limited edition prints have been used as prizes for the '12 days of Christmas' facebook campaign for HJ Heinz UK. She has also been involved with numerous charity events this year, RHA Secret Artist for Chernobyl Children, The Glamour Awards Belfast for Red Nose Day, The Big Egg Hunt, Jack and Jill Foundation, SCOOP Art Auction and The Cupcake camp for Crumlins Childrens Hospital. Her limited Edition Cupcake print was a 'one for everyone in the audience' prize on RTEs Late Late Show for the Charity.

This August 2013 her new range of paperware will be on sale throughout all Tesco stores in the UK. The paper cups, napkins, plates and tablecloths feature Orlas painting of the iconic glass ketchup bottle. The merchandise featuring her 'I love Ketchup' painting was awarded the 2013 Gift of the Year at the UK Licecee Awards.

2014 Orla  new range of paperware featuring the iconic ketchup bottle are now available through out all Sainsburys Stores. Two new products a featuring her painting 'twister ketchup'  chip cone and a lap trap are hitting the shelves of BHS stores this summer.  

An exhibition of Guinness Paintings at Cork Airport in October 2014 for the Guinness Jazz Festival

Christmas 2014 will see a further collaboration with Heinz UK. New merchandise featuring the paintings  'HP rasher Sandwich', HP Full Irlsh' and 'Splash Ketchup' will now be available to buy in ASDA, Sainsburys, BHS, Argos and numerous independents  throughout the UK and Europe. 

2015 Orla was thrilled to participate in the 'Pig Parade' for the Jack And Jill Foundation. Her POP pig was auctioned off by Goffs head auctioneers for the Charity. 

April 2015 She was selected as on e of 10 Irish Artists to design a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse runners for the #madebyyou campagin

May 2015 Solo exhibition. 'In the Bag' 'My purpose for this new exhibition of work was to focus on a clear plastic bag that has no identification other than light that it reflects.  I am using a the bag as the basis of each piece. This is so I can emphasize my love of light, reflection and pattern and to encourage the viewer to stop and enjoy the exploration of shape that takes the eye on a visual roller coaster around each painting'. 

August 2015 A full rage of collectors mugs, aprons, tea towels, laptrays etc. are available in BHS, ASDA, Turner price, Sainsburys, Tesco, Agos, Lidl featuring her Ketchup and HP sauce paintings are available to buy in store or online.

January 2016 In aid of Elephant Conservation Orla has created the first ever Irish elephant for the Irish market. Based on her design each replica 'Ellie O'Phant' is an unique piece of art hand crafted by a skilled group of artisans. They will be on sale in Carrig Dunn shops through out Ireland. 

February 2016 The Hare Parade for the Jack and Jill Foundation. Orla designed the Harlequin Hare that raised the highest bid on the online auction for the charity.